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Iron Speed Designers used for BI

Iron Speed Designer (www.ironspeed.com)
is a RAD web application generation tool for ASP.NET. I’ve been using it from
time to time during past 3 years.  Here, I
am going to talk about my thoughts about how to use it to enhance your BI

One common scenario in BI development is that you need some
tables to support the dimension tables as “translation” or “dictionary” tables.
End users probably want to name it using their own term without telling IT or
even you, as a BI developer/Architect to update the value and process the cube.
ISD here is a perfect tool that you can use it to quickly generate a
View/Add/Edit record web application based on your well-defined database
schema. With this pretty-looking UI, end users are able to search through
records and edit the fields. Hence, the next time when the cube is processed,
the value is updated. Even more, you can set the storage mode of that
particular supporting dimension table as ROLAP and the changes will be
immediately once the user updates the value.

Another scenario would be dynamic SSAS security implementation.
Please refer to “Using Username to
Control Data Access and Default Member in SSAS 2005
” (http://www.sqlserveranalysisservices.com/OLAPPapers/UsingUserNametoControlDataAccessandDefaultMemberinSSAS.htm)
and “Dynamic Dimension Security
in Analysis Services 2005
What I am going to say is that you may probably have to provide the access for
end users/power users to be able to maintain the “Bridging Table” to control over
which Username has the permission to which members in the dimension tables.
Again, ISD can give you the asp.net web application to do these jobs.

Also, if the end
users use Excel 2007 as the client to query against cube, you may be asked to
set up Drill-through Action on dimension members.  Hence you probably need a web application to
query against the underlying Data warehouse to pull related records based on
certain conditions. This could be reporting purpose, drill-down or even for
testing and comparison.

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