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IBM to pay US$1.2 billion for SPSS

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SSAS 2008 Dimension Security Issue

July 29, 2009 2 comments
Today, I’m modifying the cube dimension security. After processing the cube successfully, everytime I try to connect to the cube, i get the following error message: The XXX attribute in the YYY dimension has generated dimension security expression that is not valid, shown as below.
After searching the Internet, I found Chris Webb wrote the following statement in his blog (!7B84B0F2C239489A!1563.entry):
"Another thing to note is that if you are using role-playing dimensions in your cube, you will need to set dimension security on the cube dimensions rather than the underlying database dimension. For example, in Adventure Works, if you go to the Date dimension in the list of database dimensions (in the dimensions drop down on the Dimension Data tab of the Roles editor, database dimensions are listed first, then cube dimensions second) and set dimension security say to allow access to one year in the Calendar Year attribute, you’ll get an error like "The ‘Calendar Year’ attribute on the ‘Ship Date’ dimension has a generated dimension security expression that is not valid". Setting the same permissions on each of the role-playing dimensions in the cube based on Date, ie Ship Date, Delivery Date and Date does not cause a problem. "
This is exactly the causse of my problem. I have to set the dimension security on cube dimension instead of database dimension to make it work.
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FW: Talking about Dynamic sets

Nice article. It helped me to understand the dynamic sets much better.!5BB64CF526505D83!332.entry

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Open links (PDF document) in a new window

A client requests that the PDFs stored in a SharePoint document library need to be opened in new window instead of navigating the page away.
Thanks to the tip from Dustin Miller (, I just modify the script to suit my needs.
   var theLinks = document.links;
   var thisDomain = window.location.hostname;
   // Edit "theMessage" to your liking
   var theMessage = "You are now leaving " + thisDomain + ".  The content of the requested web site is outside our control.  The requested web page will open in a new window.  You may click \"Cancel\" to stop loading the requested page.  You may need to hold your CTRL key down when pressing \"OK\" to bypass your pop-up blocking software.";
   // Change "showMessage" to 0 if you don’t want the warning to pop up when navigating to external sites.
   var showMessage = 1;
   function updateLinks() {
  for (i=0; i < theLinks.length; i++) {
   var thisLink = theLinks[ i ]; //Note: Remove the spaces if you like
   if (thisLink.href.indexOf(thisDomain) >=0 && thisLink.href.indexOf(".pdf") >=0) { = "_blank";
    //if (showMessage == 1) {
     //thisLink.onclick = confirmNav;
 function confirmNav() {
  return confirm(theMessage);
 document.body.onload = updateLinks;
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FW: Talking about Implementing histograms in OLAP

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FW: Excel 2010 – a personal sneak preview

 Frederik Vandeputte wrote a nice review of Excel 2010 as the front-end BI tool. You can find the article at:  

It looks like Excel 2010 supports SSAS 2008 Dynamic Named Sets and Writeback. Awsome!
I’m looking forward to its release.
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