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Crescent, takes the “slicers” to next level

Today I watched the demo of Crescent (the video can be found at here) and it is amazing.

I’ve already used slicers in Excel 2010 and loved it very much. But now, I felt that Crescent is going to take the slicers to next level. From the video, it shows that you can build multiple data grids and charts and make them interactive to each other just like multiple charts in PowerPivot. However, the enhancement in Crescent is that even the legend and the data label in chart plot area is clickable. You can click one item in the chart legend and the data from all charts on the page is updated according to the selection. That is absolutely awesome! The other great feature is the “trace” of the data point. If you have a data point (e.g. bubble) on the chart and place the time onto the “play axis” , you can play the animation that shows how the data point moves during the time period.

Use SSIS to access SAS data

I’ve spent some time to look for the products that can access the SAS data files (.sas7bdat format in particular) .

And I’ve found two:

  1. SAS to Windoes utility ( ). It is free.
  2. CozyRoc just released New SAS Adapters for SSIS ( . It enables SSIS to be able to read and write to sas7bdat (SAS format) files. The cost is USD$2,499.95/Year.