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The Great Precedence Project (Filter Rules for DAX) – Evaluation Context in PowerPivot

Here and Here, published an excellent blog about the DAX behaviour.

In my opinion, [Measure](ALL(Dim),VALUES(Dim[col])) is a shot from of Calculate([Measure],ALL(Dim),VALUES(Dim[col])), and a more generic form would be Calculate([Measure], exp1, exp2 ,… , expN).

The fact is that to calculate the [Measure], all expressions need be satisfied, which means exp1 and exp2 and….and expN. In addition, any evaluation context on the slicer (as long as connected), report filters and rows/columns on the Pivot table will be considered as well, which means (exp1 and exp2 and….and expN) AND (Existing evaluation context).

I believe this is the underneath rule to explain all the above behaviour. But it is fantastic to see someone list the actual examples. It is hard to visualise the theory in brain and always good to have a quick sample to validate your thoughts. Thank you, Rob. I’m looking forward to seeing Part3 about ALLEXCEPT ()

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FIX adapter for StreamInsight

A good news from StreamInsight team. Details are here.

There will be a demo to showcase a FIX-enabled CEP enigine powered by StreamInsight. I’m looking forward to hearing the benchmark and comparison to other CEP engine.

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Love This Blogpost

Rob ( post an excellent article talking about the motivation behind the success. A few years ago, I am a so-called “hardcore” gamer and I spent lots and lots of time playing games. After all, what you enjoyed is actually the accumulated numbers make you feel great. You thought you’ve achieved something, even it is virtual and not real. The case study at the end of the blog post is inspiring. It would be great if an organisation or a single person can apply this technic into the day-to-day work. Strong motivation and constant improvement definitely is the mother of success.


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