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Embed Tableau into Microsoft Power Point 2016

In a recent project, I was asked to embed a Tableau dashboard into Microsoft PowerPoint. Also, as we use SharePoint Online, the embedded Tableau dashboard must work in the PowerPoint Online environment.

So far, the best option I found is to use an free Office Store app called “Web Viewer”: link

Once installed, you can find the icon, as shown below:Office_Store_App_Web_Viewer

Launch the app and specify the URL in the below format

With Tableau Toolbar:
https://<Tableau View URL>?:embed=y&:toolbar=yes

Without Tableau Toolbar:
https://<Tableau View URL>?:embed=y&:toolbar=no

This will allow embedding the Tableau view into the Power Point slides.


  • Microsoft official app for Power Point
  • Tableau dashboard remains fully interactive
  • Works in Office 365 and SharePoint Online environment


  • Tableau Server Single Sign On is required for seamless experience
  • As the “web viewer” only takes HTTPS for security reason, you must configure SSL and enable https on Tableau Server
  • Once SSL is enabled, you need to install the security certificate on your mobile device to get the Tableau mobile app works. Refer to the Tableau document for more details.



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